How to make a wig look fuller?

As we all know, human hair wigs can be redesigned according to your preferences, which may mean adding a little volume to your wig style to make it plumper and height. Do you want to have fuller and thicker hair? Here, we can provide you with some tips to help you make your wig look fuller and thicker.


How long is a wig suitable for a day?

It really depends on the type of wig you have and how you feel about the wig. In my case, I only wear glueless lace wigs, which I wear every morning in my daily life, and take them off as soon as I get home. I am more comfortable this way, and I believe this will also help keep the wig in good condition. As for the glue lace wig, I usually see my friends wear it for a week or two before taking it off. I believe that the longer you stay on the glue lace wig, the more likely it is to damage your hair and scalp, so you should avoid wearing this wig for too long (7 to 10 days sounds fine). Wearing a wig is a fashion for some women, and for some women suffering from medical treatment or cancer, wearing a wig is even a necessity. The duration of wearing a wig depends on the type of wig you wear.


How to organize your wig: the ultimate hair repair guide

No matter how high-quality and expensive the wig is, when you need to make a decision, X hours will appear sooner or later-restore artificial hair or go to the store to buy new accessories. We have prepared this article for those who do not want to find simple ways and are ready to fight for the beauty and long-term service of wigs.


Why is the wig getting dry and frizzy?

Wigs also need care. If they have not been treated for a while, the wigs will become very dry after using them for a period of time, just like straws. So, why is the wig getting dry?


How to trim a wig?