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Buying Guide for lace front wig

Want a natural-looking lace wig, but don’t know how to choose a wig? If so, please don't miss this blog. We will share with you the ultimate guide to buying the perfect lace front wig.


How to install the lace front wig correctly?

A lace forehead wig is a special type of wig. It is equipped with a transparent manual knotting method in the forehead area, usually with special tape or glue. The hairline seems to grow from the scalp. How to successfully tie lace on the head to create a flawless hairstyle? Through this article, you will learn all about the correct installation of lace front wigs.


How to make your lace front wig longer lasting

360 Lace Front Wigs has various names, including front lace, front lace wig, front lace wig, and woven wig. As the name suggests, the front lace wig is a wig that is made half-handed and half-machined. The lace on the front of these wigs adds realism to the look. Lace is designed to mimic the natural hairline by blending with your skin tone. Remember, this style only has lace on the front, so you will only get a blended effect on the forehead, although some will continue downward.


How to refresh your old lace front wig?

Nowadays, lace front wigs have proven to be a good way to protect natural hair. We believe that they have become an important part of your beauty routine. Whether you like to keep your hair free or tie them into smooth ponytails, they will look beautiful only if you keep them fresh.


How Do I Clean My Lace Frontal?

How Do I Clean My Lace Frontal?