Wig use

Tips on how to wear a wig more comfortably

Different situations in life can cause a person to wear a wig. Some people may wear wigs purely for fashion because they like to wear different hairstyles regularly. Others may lose hair due to age or cancer treatment. If you have already started to lose your hair or are ready to make changes that don't require cutting, please find some tips to make your wig-wearing experience comfortable.


How to install a headband wig?

The headband wig is a combination of the wig and the headband fixed to the front, and the hair is sewn to the soft wig cap. They are also called laceless wigs or semi-wigs because they start almost half of the forehead, while your natural hair remains at the front.


How long is a wig suitable for a day?

It really depends on the type of wig you have and how you feel about the wig. In my case, I only wear glueless lace wigs, which I wear every morning in my daily life, and take them off as soon as I get home. I am more comfortable this way, and I believe this will also help keep the wig in good condition. As for the glue lace wig, I usually see my friends wear it for a week or two before taking it off. I believe that the longer you stay on the glue lace wig, the more likely it is to damage your hair and scalp, so you should avoid wearing this wig for too long (7 to 10 days sounds fine). Wearing a wig is a fashion for some women, and for some women suffering from medical treatment or cancer, wearing a wig is even a necessity. The duration of wearing a wig depends on the type of wig you wear.


How to make a wig natural hairline?

How to make a wig natural hairline?


How to refresh your old lace front wig?

Nowadays, lace front wigs have proven to be a good way to protect natural hair. We believe that they have become an important part of your beauty routine. Whether you like to keep your hair free or tie them into smooth ponytails, they will look beautiful only if you keep them fresh.


Will wigs cause dandruff?

Recently, some wig wearers feel a little itchy scalp when wearing wigs. I don't know if they have dandruff because of wearing wigs. However, can wigs really cause dandruff? Today, we will give you more information about what real dandruff is, what causes dandruff, and how to get rid of dandruff if you wear a wig.


How to choose when perm?

Faced with a variety of perm categories, you who like perm are a little confused. In fact, you don't have to worry about these names. You only need to pay attention to the effect of the ironing. As for the name, it is not what you need to care about.


How to deal with the hairline?

If you are a person who wears wigs a lot, you want your wigs to look as natural as possible. But most people can't go to the barbershop every day to make a special wig hairstyle. That is a waste of time and money. Whether you are wearing a human hair wig or synthetic hair, there are some simple ways to deal with your hairline every day to make it as natural as possible. Want to know how to make wigs look more natural and realistic?


How to store human hair wigs?

You have got your dream hairstyle in the form of perfect human hair wigs. It is one of the most perfect human hair wigs, and you like it very much. It looks more fashionable than ever, and you will get compliments all day long. It's night, you take off the human hair wigs, but wait a minute! Where to put the human hair wigs to keep their shape and keep it safe? Are you confused? Don't do this, because we are here to tell you how to store human hair wigs. Read on to find out the answers and precautions for storing human hair wigs.


The correct usage of conditioner, how to use conditioner?

Many people are worried about their hair. Hair loss, hair loss, frizz and yellow, lifeless like a pile of dead grass. In order to make your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny, would you use a conditioner? Do you know the correct usage of conditioner? Come and find out.