Wig use

Will wigs stop hair growth?

Does sporting a wig forestall hair growth? No, sporting a wig doesn't stop hair growth. However, if the hair beneath your wig isn’t properly protected or taken care of, harm to your hair will be caused, Concern not though; We've got some idea to help you.


Why is there so much static electricity on the hair?

Too much static in the hair is a creepy experience-both literally and figuratively. Your hair is standing upright and it looks like it's about to fly away. It's not a beautiful sight. This is really a nightmare that no one wants to have.


How to remove lace wig gel safely and quickly

More and more people tend to wear lace wigs for a natural and flawless appearance. However, wearing a wig requires removing the glue on the forehead and hair without damaging the natural hair or hairline, which is a serious problem. After all, it will hurt your skin, hairline, and delicate lace wigs. Today, you will introduce some tips on how to remove lace wig glue safely and quickly.


How to avoid itching caused by wearing a wig

There are many reasons why people wear wigs. They may have medical problems such as cancer, or they may just want to improve their appearance. Wigs come in various shapes and sizes. Due to design changes in the wig industry, they are more comfortable than they were many years ago. One problem that wig wearers often encounter is that it causes itching. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid itching when wearing a wig.


How to remove the gel from the wig

With the advancement of modern wig making, it is now almost impossible to tell when someone wears a wig. In order to protect your wig and make it look natural, special care must be taken when combing, styling, and cleaning your synthetic wig. You should not use ordinary hair spray on your wig, but instead, use a wig spray designed for synthetic hair.


Use and wear of glueless lace wig

Many users of lace wigs think that they need to be applied to their heads with glue. If you think this is too complicated or a waste of time, please use a full lace wig without glue. Even for beginners, the glue-free appliance method is more convenient and easy. So, if you want to know how to use this method, please read through this article to learn how to use glueless lace wigs.


How many hair bundles are needed for 5×5 lace closure?

The closed human hair tress is easy to sew closed or wig. Because of the appearance of the 5×5 lace seal, it has been favored by most women. Compared with the 4×4 lace closure, larger lace size and deeper separation can create a more natural appearance, which is the main reason most girls pursue. Some customers may ask, "How many bunches do I need to make a 5×5 lace-covered wig?"


Precautions when taking a bath with Lace Front Wigs

Are you afraid of taking a shower with a lace front wig? Well, don't do that. Front wigs are known for their durability and comfort. However, many women fear that if they bathe with them, they will damage their lace wigs. Every problem in this world has a solution, so there is also this one. Here, we will discuss how to shower with a frontal wig.


How to install the lace front wig correctly?

A lace forehead wig is a special type of wig. It is equipped with a transparent manual knotting method in the forehead area, usually with special tape or glue. The hairline seems to grow from the scalp. How to successfully tie lace on the head to create a flawless hairstyle? Through this article, you will learn all about the correct installation of lace front wigs.


How to make a wig look fuller?

As we all know, human hair wigs can be redesigned according to your preferences, which may mean adding a little volume to your wig style to make it plumper and height. Do you want to have fuller and thicker hair? Here, we can provide you with some tips to help you make your wig look fuller and thicker.