What are the common quality problems of real hair wigs?

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What are the common quality problems of real hair wigs?

1. real hair wig cover 100% real hair hair color is not pure

The content of heterochromatic hair, machine-made products should not exceed 2 strands/300mm hair curtain length, and hand-woven products should not exceed 2 strands/10000 square millimeters

2. The content of real hair and wig is not accurate

For products with 100% human hair, the content of human hair should not be less than 98%; for products made from a mixture of human hair and artificial hair, the negative deviation rate of human hair content should not exceed 5%.

3. The size of real hair and wig is not standard

The bottom of the wig cover should be symmetrical, and the deviation of girth, depth, and front-to-back length should not exceed 10mm.

Fourth, the problem of real hair wig cover dyeing is easy to fade

Color fastness standard:

a) The color fastness to dry rubbing should not be less than Grade 4;

b) The color fastness to wet rubbing should not be less than Grade 3;

c) The color fastness to sunlight should not be less than Grade 3 to 4.

Fifth, the problem of hair loss with real hair and wigs

Requires no escape discovery. It can be combed with a wide-toothed comb, with less than 3 combs each time.

Six, common quality problems in the sensory requirements of real hair and wig sets

1. The color hair arrangement should be dense and uniform, and the color of the machine thread should be the same as the color of the color hair.

2. The color of single-color hair should be consistent.

3. The color, hair, and feel of the same product are the same.

4. The curvature should be natural, fluffy and elastic.

5. It should be worn comfortably and has good air permeability. The bottom should be smooth overall, and the color of the material should be coordinated and natural.

6. It should be clean and free of foreign matter

7. The artificial scalp should be soft and evenly threaded

8. Hair style should be natural.

9. The headgear should be full, and the spacing of the rows should be even.

10. The weave density of hand-woven products should be natural.

Seven, the safety of real hair and wigs


When buying a real hair wig, as long as there is a quality problem, there will be a corresponding quality standard. Because real hair usually has a variety of hairstyles, there is no quality standard for hairstyles. Whether the hairstyle looks good or not, it is only through the hairdresser to combine your skin color. Age, face shape to trim, buy real hair wigs, it is best to choose brand wig manufacturers, when buying, wear more to see the comfort, the mesh cap and skin contact is smooth, no irritation. Wear it for a few minutes to feel whether there is any discomfort, the feel of the hair is compared with our own hair, whether it is smooth and colored. For online shopping, it is still recommended to choose the high-end smooth hair products of Maibo wigs. You can choose donmily for wig products.

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