Do I have to shave my head if I wear a wig?

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Do I have to shave my head if I wear a wig?

Nowadays, more and more people are losing their hair, so some hair friends often ask such questions, "Do you want to shave your head with a wig?", today I will answer it for everyone.

Do I have to shave my head if I wear a wig?

Whether to wear a middle-aged and elderly wig or not to shave actually depends on my own choice. If you can shave your head, you can use viscose method. This kind of method is more effective when wearing a wig, but if you don’t wear a wig, you can’t go out. The method is to clip the wig to your own hair, so you can wear it whenever you want. I don't want to wear it or bring it.

If the hair on your head is only sparse and not finished, then you can choose the method not to shave your head. If you shave your head, you can't go out without wearing a wig. If you don't shave your head, you can fix the wig on the head with a buckle, and the actual effect is also very good!

Wear weaving and wig products

There are too many videos on the Internet, which make the hair friends feel that they need to shave their heads before they can wear a wig, so many hair friends have misunderstandings. In fact, not all products that wear woven hair and wigs need to be shaved, only areas with viscose must be shaved. Everyone here refers to shaving one's own hair in a small total area, not a large-scale shave. So please feel at ease, not all wearing weaving hair requires a shave, this is different from person to person.

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Do I have to shave my head if I wear a wig?