What is the method of choosing a good real wig?

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What is the method of choosing a good real wig?

The real hair wigs are mainly organic real hair and hand-woven real hair. Of course, good real hair wigs are none other than hand-woven ones. Because it is a manual process, it can be customized into hair pieces or hair sets according to customer requirements.

With the improvement of craftsmanship and the advancement of science and technology, the current hand-weaving technology has matured, and it can completely achieve the effect of fake and real. When choosing real hair and wigs, it is mainly distinguished from the following aspects:

Real human hair wig and wig hair quality

Good real hair is very soft, smooth, bouncy, and has a natural luster. But it's not the kind of luminous fiber.

Real human hair wig hand-woven wig process

The process mainly depends on whether the hair direction of the crochet is in line with the direction of normal human hair. Which direction should be hooked is which direction to go. If the flow of the hair is swaying or reverse crocheting, it will be very difficult to manage in the later stage, and it will even affect the overall styling effect. . In addition, the craftsmanship depends on the fineness of the crochet. Good handwork is a very meticulous and uniform hooking method, basically one or two hooks.

Real human hair wig size radian

If you want to buy a good wig, you must try it on yourself. It is the same as buying clothes. A good wig must be of the right size and the arc is just right, so that it is comfortable and stable to wear.

Ordinary wigs are generally made by the factory in a unified shape, but real hair wigs have a feature, which can be trimmed and designed according to requirements, which is completely in line with personal wishes and is no longer the same. Everyone’s face, occupation, and personal preferences , The head shape is different, really good real hair wigs need an experienced designer, and a good communication is needed.

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