Is it troublesome to wear a wig? How can I wear the wig?

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Is it troublesome to wear a wig? How can I wear the wig?

Is it troublesome to wear a wig? How can I not see the wig? The authenticity of the wig is not only related to the material of the wig, but also to the method of wearing it. Why can't the wig be seen? Please tell me the appropriate method.

Why can't you see the wig? Proper installation process of the wig.

The first step is to wrap your hair, fix it with buttons, and tidy it up.

In the second part, bring the wig to the back of the sequence, put your forehead against the front, and pull the wig to the back with both hands to hide your hair.

The third step is to comb the short hair, check it, and put in the exposed short hair.

The fourth step is to tidy up the wig. Adjust the wig up and down, especially the inner part of the ear, with a comb.

The fifth step, of course, mess up the shape of the hair, apply gel water, and mess up the hair without authorization.

Master how to wear long and short wigs, no one can see it.

How to wear a short wig.

(1) Hold the heat line of the wig with both hands, sink it back from the forehead, and fix it with a card after adjustment.

(2) After putting it on, adjust the entire hair with a comb or fingertips.

How to wear a long wig.

(1) Hold the sideburns on both sides of the wig, put on the wig from behind, move forward, and adjust the wearing position on the forehead.

(2) Adjust later, try to make the wig look natural.

(3) After putting it on, adjust the overall appearance of the hair with a comb and fingertips.

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