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UNIce wigs

UNIce is one of the leading industries that provide original real human hair.

As one of the industry leaders of primitive human hair. Over the years, UNice's capabilities in R&D, marketing and design, as well as functional transportation and receiving network systems have been continuously enhanced, and all of our products can be distributed globally.

As our CEO Mr. Hua described, "It has nothing to do with the products we sell, but with the nature of the natural beauty that the products represent to our customers, and how it makes them feel and look. UNICE, The combination of U & Nice; focus on your and natural appearance. As our brand concept begins to develop, we take our core message as the ultimate pursuit of natural beauty and customer your theme. UNice, the natural extension of U was born.

In order to adhere to this concept, in our development stage, we have invested many years of research and development, consulted hair experts and resources around the world, and developed a 100% original human hair system. UNice hopes that everyone can feel natural and comfortable, and truly experience that hair is a natural extension of U!

UNIce's future goals are as follows:

1. Open the first physical store under the UNice brand. We want to provide excellent customer service online and offline.

2. Enhance our billing system through credit card payment and PayPal fast payment. Eliminate any payment barriers to ensure a safer payment experience.

3. Establish a VIP system shared by online and offline stores.

4. A more friendly account interface. Add detailed and dynamic tracking information for each order.

5. Create an affiliate program. We encourage you to make profits while being beautiful.


UNIce| CA 6000 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite # 2640 Culver City, CA 90230


UNIce| Carson CA 20220 S Avalon Blvd, Ste A Carson, CA 90746

UNIce| 1538 Flatbush Ave, First Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11210

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