Which one is better, a wig or a hair piece?

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Which one is better, a wig or a hair piece?

Nowadays, more and more people are losing their hair, so some hair friends often ask such questions, "Which one is better, a wig or a hair piece?", I will answer it for you today.

Hair is not the same: a piece of hair piece usually only has a handful of hair-like material up and down. To decorate and design the hair part on the head, many pieces of hair piece must be used; wigs are generally hair like masks or sun hats. In general, one application can be used to decorate and design the hair parts all over the head.

The scope of application is different: the hair piece is suitable for groups with sparse hair on the head, a small amount of white hair or who want to develop a decorative design on the top of the head; wigs are generally suitable for groups with bald, bald or all-white hair.

What is the difference between a wig and a hair piece

Application methods are different: Hair pieces are generally applied according to the way of docking, which has such very real practical effects; the application method of wigs is wearable, and the application method of wigs is basically the same as that of sun hats.

Hair pieces and wigs are all hair ornaments manufactured according to artificial synthesis technology, and they can all be used to decorate the top of the head. When using this product, be careful not to get close to and touch the high-temperature pyrogen. The raw materials of both are generally not corrosion-resistant materials. Close to the high-temperature pyrogen is very prone to curling, and more serious situations will continue to occur. Peculiar smell.

Well, the above is all the answers to "", I hope it can be helpful to friends, if you have other questions, you can continue to read other articles on the website.

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