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Donmily wigs

donmily high quality products

donmily focuses on high-quality 100% natural huamn hair products. Donmily's products have been sold to the United States, Europe and Africa, enjoying a good reputation and feedback, and more and more people trust our brand.

In line with the belief in natural beauty, we only choose 100% untreated primitive human hair. Strictly selected materials, experienced craftsmen and the constant pursuit of maximum comfort make donmily synonymous with reliability and cost-effectiveness.

donmily professional hairdressing factory

Donmily has its own human hair factory, which is more than 5,000 square meters. The most comprehensive product line. Independent factories and warehouses support mass production or customization. Donmily's goal is to allow more beautiful women to obtain high-quality hair products at the most affordable prices.

Efficient team

donmily has a strong sales team, we care about every link and treat every customer with quality service.

Contact donmily

Hotline: (562)259-8314

WhatsApp: (562)259-8314


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How to keep the wavy body wave lace front wig?

The wavy body wave lace front wig is the most popular texture among human hair wigs. Many black women want to have long hair with big wavy curly hair, so human hair wavy lace wigs are the first choice. The body wave texture has loose wavy curly hair in a large "S" shape, with natural luster, and looks fluffy and fashionable. Body waves look natural, creating soft and natural waves.


Use and wear of glueless lace wig

Many users of lace wigs think that they need to be applied to their heads with glue. If you think this is too complicated or a waste of time, please use a full lace wig without glue. Even for beginners, the glue-free appliance method is more convenient and easy. So, if you want to know how to use this method, please read through this article to learn how to use glueless lace wigs.


How to maintain Brazilian curly wigs?

Brazilian curly wigs are one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that most women want to wear on their heads. Most customers like Brazilian hair, which is thick and coarse. If you want to have this hairstyle, it's more than just looking pretty. You must keep it in good condition.


How many hair bundles are needed for 5×5 lace closure?

The closed human hair tress is easy to sew closed or wig. Because of the appearance of the 5×5 lace seal, it has been favored by most women. Compared with the 4×4 lace closure, larger lace size and deeper separation can create a more natural appearance, which is the main reason most girls pursue. Some customers may ask, "How many bunches do I need to make a 5×5 lace-covered wig?"


Precautions when taking a bath with Lace Front Wigs

Are you afraid of taking a shower with a lace front wig? Well, don't do that. Front wigs are known for their durability and comfort. However, many women fear that if they bathe with them, they will damage their lace wigs. Every problem in this world has a solution, so there is also this one. Here, we will discuss how to shower with a frontal wig.