Why is there so much static electricity on the hair?

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Why is there so much static electricity on the hair?

Too much static in the hair is a creepy experience-both literally and figuratively. Your hair is standing upright and it looks like it's about to fly away. It's not a beautiful sight. This is really a nightmare that no one wants to have.

Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of the static electricity of the hair. No matter how much you moisturize and style your hair, there will always be times when static electricity on your hair is inevitable.

But here is some good news. There are many ways to minimize static electricity in your hair. To learn about the causes of static electricity in your hair and how to get rid of it, please continue reading this article!

What causes hair static?

Before we solve your hair static problem, we need to understand what hair static electricity is and what causes it. The presence of static electricity will cause hair static electricity, which is caused by the imbalance of positive and negative charges on the surface of the hair.

What is the cause of this imbalance? This imbalance occurs when two different objects rub against each other. For example, your hair touches your hat or brush. Because of this contact, your hair loses an electron and is positively charged, while another object gets an electron and is negatively charged. These changes cause static electricity in the hair.

The good news is that this imbalance disappears when the air is humid. However, unfortunately, when the air lacks moisture, hair static electricity is inevitable.

How to get rid of hair static

If you have so much static in your hair, don't worry! Here are some methods on how to fix it:

Wipe your hair with a hairdryer:

This may seem like a strange prompt, but trust us, it works! The reason behind this is that the substance on the hairdryer can eliminate the charge in the hair, thereby eliminating static electricity in the hair in the process. Pro tip: Rubbing a scented hair dryer on your hair is also a good way to refresh your hair the next day.

Moisturize your hair:

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To solve the problem of lack of moisture in the hair, the best way is to moisturize the hair. You can do this by applying hair oil, moisturizing hair spray, or leave-in conditioner.

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