How to remove lace wig gel safely and quickly

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How to remove lace wig gel safely and quickly

More and more people tend to wear lace wigs for a natural and flawless appearance. However, wearing a wig requires removing the glue on the forehead and hair without damaging the natural hair or hairline, which is a serious problem. After all, it will hurt your skin, hairline, and delicate lace wigs. Today, you will introduce some tips on how to remove lace wig glue safely and quickly.

What can I use to remove lace wig glue?

1. Lace wig gel remover

In order to remove lace wig glue correctly, you can use the lace wig glue remover or wig solvents recommended by the glue manufacturer, such as C-22 citrus remover or lace remover.

In order to safely remove your front lace wig, first dip a cotton ball into the adhesive remover, and then use glue or tape to wipe gently along with the place where the wig is fixed. Wait 2-3 minutes for the glue to melt under the adhesive remover, and then gently peel off your lace front wig.

2. Warm water mixture

This is the most common, natural, and gentle method, but it is also the most time-consuming method to remove lace prequel from natural hair.

First, you must add a small amount of soda water or salt and mix it with warm water or olive oil, and then shake the mixture well. After mixing, you need to pour this mixture into an empty bottle. Next, spray it on your edge and put on a shower cap for 5-10 minutes. Finally, gently remove the lace part of the wig. Don't forget to rinse your natural hair thoroughly with warm water again and again. Of course, tea tree oil or olive oil is also very effective.

3. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also called isopropyl alcohol, which can easily and quickly remove the glue from the skin.

First, use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to smear the hairline or use a bottle to spray alcohol on the edges. Then, put on the shower cap and let the alcohol soak in the glue for five to ten minutes. When the glue becomes soft, gently pull the wig, taking a small portion at a time, and completely remove the real lace wig from the head. Remember, if you feel pain during the lifting process, try to continue using alcohol to help lift the wig to avoid pulling or tearing.

It is worth noting that long-term use can cause skin damage, and for some people with sensitive skin or alcohol, it can even cause red and itchy hairline. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use this method too frequently.

4. Acetone

There is no doubt that acetone is the most commonly used chemical for removing dry wig gel. For example, removing is acetone in nail polish is the most effective solvent, which can effectively remove permanent marks on the skin. More importantly, it has an excellent effect in removing lace wig gel.

Just spray or apply the liquid on the wig glue, let it sit for about one minute, and then try to gently comb the glue. If it does not give in, please add more.

However, it is very harmful to the skin and cannot be used for a long time. Especially pregnant women should not use it. Not to mention its drying properties and suffocating smoke.

5. Vaseline

As a safe and gentle option, Vaseline can remove the lace pre-glue from the scalp.

Just apply a little petroleum jelly on the hairline, keep it for a few minutes, and then wipe off the petroleum jelly with a damp towel to achieve the desired effect. Of course, you must repeat these steps several times to completely remove the wig gel. After all, those removers that can remove lace wig glue faster can cause damage to your scalp and hairline.

6. Butter or oil

In addition to petroleum jelly, cream or oil is also an excellent choice for you. Put a few drops of emollient oil on the glue, wipe it off, and massage for a few minutes. When the glue is completely removed, gently wipe the skin with a wet towel.

Tips you need to pay attention to:

Although we already know what you can use to remove wig gel from your hair, you need to pay attention to some techniques to ensure that your scalp, hairline, and edges are not damaged, thereby preventing your baldness.

1. Tie your hair

If you are wearing a lace wig with long real human hair, please tie the wig into a ponytail so that you can clearly see the edges and avoid adhesive remover on the wig fibers.

For short bob lace wigs, you can use hair clips or clips to fix the sides of the wig away from your face and fix it on the top of your head. This will allow you to clearly see the lace seams and prevent the glue from being removed. Damage the wig fiber.

2. Do a skin test in advance

Before using an adhesive or solvent, it is best to test the sensitivity of the skin with a small amount of adhesive or solvent.

We sincerely recommend that you apply a small amount on the inside of your wrist and cover it with transparent plastic wrap for 24 to 48 hours. In the event of an allergic reaction, immediately remove the adhesive or solvent and discard the solution. If not, please continue to use adhesive remover on the hairline.

3. Remove the human hair lace wig from back to front

Removing the front first may pull the hair, causing pain and hair damage. Therefore, it is best to remove the lace wig gel from the back to the front.

4. Be as careful and patient as possible

Although it is tempting to pull the wig down once the glue is loosened, the human hair of a lace wig will not simply slip off when you use a solvent. On the contrary, you may have to carefully pull a small part of the wig so as not to tear the delicate lace. Therefore, please be very careful throughout the deletion process. If you are getting impatient with this process, please remind yourself that you have spent a lot of money on wigs. It can be expensive to replace and repair.

If you do damage it, please don't worry too much, because some lace wig sellers also provide lace wig repair services for their customers.

5. Don't forget to clean your skin

Once you manage to remove most of the adhesive, don't forget to use soap and water to remove the excess adhesive. Before putting on the wig again, this may be an excellent time to shower and wash your hair. After all, clean skin, healthy scalp, and natural hair will make lace wigs last longer.

6. Wash and clean your wig

If you wear it for more than two weeks, you must use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition your real lace wig so as not to damage your real wig.

Apply a little shampoo on the wet wig, and then gently stroke it down with your fingers. Then rinse under running water. Dampen a towel and apply conditioner while avoiding the scalp of the wig. Let it stand for two minutes, then rinse again under running water. Or do you check this guide to learn how to wash human hair and wigs?

7. Store your lace wig after it is completely air-dried

After cleaning and conditioning your HD lace wig, please place the fake wig on the wig holder to air dry. When the hair is completely dry, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles or knots. Finally, store the wig in a plastic bag or wig holder.

What do you use to remove your human hair wig without causing any damage? What techniques can help you remove the human hair wig easily? What product do you think is the most effective? Share your opinions and suggestions on how to properly remove lace wigs below.

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