How to keep the wavy body wave lace front wig?

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How to keep the wavy body wave lace front wig?

The wavy body wave lace front wig is the most popular texture among human hair wigs. Many black women want to have long hair with big wavy curly hair, so human hair wavy lace wigs are the first choice. The body wave texture has loose wavy curly hair in a large "S" shape, with natural luster, and looks fluffy and fashionable. Body waves look natural, creating soft and natural waves.

And the maintenance cost of body waves is not very high. Body wavy hair has a natural wavy feel, so many people want to use styling products to achieve different wavy feelings. Body waves can easily be redesigned. Body wave hair can be straightened. You can also use different curling tools to curl it to get different curls. The wavy body and wavy hair flutter in the wind, making you look more stunning and charming.

However, some customers often complain that their body wavy hair cannot remain wavy or curled after washing. In fact, it depends on how you take care of your body wavy wig. Now Donmily Hair will teach you how to keep the wavy shape of the body wave lace front wig.

1. Don't worry about getting straight or loose after washing. First, use a clean towel instead of a hairdryer to dry the body wavy wig. Do not dry your hair completely, it is easy to damage the hair. Then let it air-dry until there are no drips, but it is not completely dry, apply some hair oil on your hands, and then evenly apply it to your hair.

2. After applying oil on the body wavy wig, use your fingers to gently pass through the hair from top to bottom. You don't need too much hair oil; you just need to be more natural on the top of the wig. The waves need to keep getting better and better from beginning to end. Then body waves and curly hair will become more beautiful and curly.

3. The next step is to restore the body wave mode. You can apply some curling styling cream or mousse to your hair because they are very useful for re-styling. Spread the mousse evenly on the body's wavy hair. You don't need much mousse on your hair because it is easy to vacuum. You can also spray your hair with water and a curling styling cream.

4. Let your body's wavy hair dry completely. Please do not use the wind to blow your hair, preferably with a wavy or curly hairdryer. This way can well maintain the wave shape and curl.

5. Don't forget to deep-condition the body wave wig every two weeks. This process is to give your hair nourishment and moisture to avoid dryness. This will keep your hair in good condition and avoid tangling and shedding. For body wavy hair colors, we have 1b/30 ombre colors, red, 613 gold, etc. For body wave wigs, we have many types, such as body wave full lace wig, body wave short wave head wig, body wave 13×6 lace front wig, body wave 360 ​​lace front wig, and so on.

Here are the two most popular wavy body wave lace front wigs for everyone:

13x4 Lace Front #FB30 Brown Body Wavy Wig

HD 13x4 Lace Front Body Wave Wig

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