How many hair bundles are needed for 5×5 lace closure?

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How many hair bundles are needed for 5×5 lace closure?

The closed human hair tress is easy to sew closed or wig. Because of the appearance of the 5×5 lace seal, it has been favored by most women. Compared with the 4×4 lace closure, larger lace size and deeper separation can create a more natural appearance, which is the main reason most girls pursue. Some customers may ask, "How many bunches do I need to make a 5×5 lace-covered wig?"

Human hair bundles and lace seals are also needed to sew wigs. There are also 6×6 lace seals and 7×7 lace seals in DONMILY Hair. Some factors depend on how many bundles you need.

Hair length of your choice:

If you want to sew a 5×5 lace closure on your wig, the length of your hair is a very important factor you need to consider. You know that each bundle of DONMILY Hair is about 98-103 grams, the longer it gets, the thinner it gets. So the longer the hair, the more bundles you need.

Generally, choose 10-20 inches of Brazilian hair, and generally recommend 3 bunches of 5×5 lace, which is enough to sew. If the length reaches 22 inches, you need 4 bundles to help you create a natural and full makeup.

The hair texture you want:

The hair texture you choose is also the main factor that affects how many strands you need. As we have seen, for the same length and bundle, straight hair looks thinner than curly hair. Therefore, if you want straight hair with a 5×5 lace closure to make a lace wig, you need an extra bunch to get almost the same complete look as curls of the same length.

For some deep wavy and curly hair, it looks fuller than straight hair, so you can use 3 closed 5×5 bundles, which is enough to achieve a complete look.

The size of your head:

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Usually, everyone's head size does not vary greatly. So you just need to think about it before buying. If your head is large, please consider ordering one more bundle than usual.

The density of 5×5 closed wig:

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It just depends on your preference. If you want a very thick appearance, 4 bundles of 5×5 seals will be better. If you want a normal look, just follow the above tips to choose the hair you like.

All in all, how many strands of hair you need depends on your needs. Just follow the above tips to operate, I hope it helps you.

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