What face shape is suitable for wavy wigs?

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What face shape is suitable for wavy wigs?

A wavy wig is also one of the hairstyles. It is familiar to many people, but it can increase your temperament if you look good. Then what faces shape is this wavy wig hairstyle suitable for? What are the differences with Big Wave?

What face shape is suitable for wavy wig hairstyle:

The most suitable face shape for a wavy wig is a pointed face, the legendary melon face, but other face shapes can also be considered:

NO.1 oval face

Face analysis: It looks like a goose egg, so it is also called a goose egg face. It is a relatively standard face shape. Many hairstyles can be suitable and can achieve a very harmonious effect. This face shape makes MM the most jealous, like Liu Yifei among the stars. . Tuck your hair slightly on one side to form asymmetry, making the whole look more lively and interesting.

NO.2 Long face shape

Face analysis: The forehead hairline is high, the chin is larger and pointed, and the face is longer. Avoid exposing all the face. It is best to make a row of bangs, try to make the hair on both sides feel fluffy, not long straight hair, such as a long mushroom hairstyle, student hairstyle. The bangs of MM in the picture effectively modify the proportions of the face. The short hair will stay near the neck and show the lively side of MM. Suitable MM can try it now.

NO.3 square face

Face analysis: wider forehead and square cheeks. The square face shape lacks a sense of softness. When doing hairstyles, you should pay attention to soft hairstyles. Longer hairstyles can be used. Long straight hair is not suitable for short hair. Of course, if MM likes short hair, that’s fine. Just increase the softness of the hairstyle, such as increasing the curl. The long curly hair in the picture adds a sense of softness, and the beveled edge tie also makes MM look more lively.

NO.4 inverted triangle face

Hairstyle analysis: The top is wide and the bottom is narrow, like a "heart" shape, also known as a heart-shaped face. When doing hairstyles, pay attention to the forehead and chin. The bangs can be made in a row. The hair length should be two centimeters longer than the chin and curl inward to increase the width of the chin. The hair length should be two centimeters more than the chin and curl inward to increase The width of the chin. Some MMs like short hair like photos. How to modify their inverted triangle face with short hair should pay attention to some places that should be paid attention to, such as forehead and chin, natural bangs to modify forehead.

NO.5 round face shape

Face analysis: The cheeks are relatively plump, and the forehead and chin are round enough. The round face gives people a gentle and lovely feeling. More hairstyles can be suitable. You only need to modify the hair on both sides to move forward, such as Long and short fringe hairstyles should not be too short. MMs with this face shape are most afraid of being on the camera because the face in front of the camera will appear rounder, so let's learn this simple DIY seriously.

The difference between a wavy wig and a big wave:

1. Egg roll head, its style is cute and sweet, in appearance, the volume is almost the same size, layered on top of each other, very organized. The one on the left is the classic big wavy curly hair. Like the undulating waves on the sea, it has large fluctuations and irregularities. It can make women’s hair fluffy, show volume, and make people more charming. Women The flavor exploded.

2. The wavy wig has large curls and small curls. The curvature of the big curls is slightly larger, slightly, and looks extraordinary, very charming and gentle. I always feel the charm of girls with curly hair. Boys also like this kind of girl's dress. In addition to large scrolls, there are small scrolls, which are suitable for younger, cute girls to master.

This is the end of the introduction about the suitable face shape of the wavy wig. Thank you for reading.

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