How to make a wig look fuller?

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How to make a wig look fuller?

As we all know, human hair wigs can be redesigned according to your preferences, which may mean adding a little volume to your wig style to make it plumper and height. Do you want to have fuller and thicker hair? Here, we can provide you with some tips to help you make your wig look fuller and thicker.

How to make thin wigs look fuller and thicker

Comb back

Combing back, also called combing or combing, is a way of combing hair to increase the volume of natural hair and wigs. It's easy but very effective. However, if it is not handled properly, it can easily look messy and damage your lace wig and human hair.


For best results, take a portion of the wig about 2 inches thick and lift the strands so that the end is above the root of the wig. Next, take your comb and pull it from the end of the wig back to the root. The denser the comb, the louder the volume you will get!

Tips: 1. Avoid combing back from the end of the wig, as it will create confusion rather than increase volume. Instead, start combing about 3-4 inches from the scalp and focus on increasing the volume around the wig area.

2. Make sure to comb the lower part of the strands backward so that the visible part of the wig looks neat.

3. Be gentle at ordinary times, and be sure to use a reverse comb, so that the damage to the hair is small and the friction is small.

Try a layered haircut

Cutting a layered hairstyle on thin hair is the best way to increase volume. The layered parts of the hair create a textured appearance and make your hair look thicker. Therefore, please visit the hair salon and ask the hairdresser to provide you with layered cuts to increase volume and enjoy the volume of your hair. Trust us, they will never let you down.

Change the way you separate your hair from time to time

We find that most people usually separate their hair in the same place, whether it is out of habit or just because it is easier to style every day.

But changing the separation method of human hair wigs can actually give you a new look without the promise of tailoring or color. In fact, the longer the same part is worn, the more the hair on one side is stressed, which will cause the hair roots in that area to weaken and cause breakage. Turning the hair in the opposite direction will help lift the roots and increase the volume of the hair.


For example, if you always made the middle part before, try to convert it to the side part now. The deep side separation can make your fine mane look fuller, and it is also very elegant and fashionable. More importantly, it is very simple, just change your wig hair to the opposite position and spray the setting agent, and then turn them back.

Apply dry shampoo to the roots

Dry shampoo not only helps to refresh your hair but also helps increase the volume of thinning hair. You can comb part of your hair back, and then make sure to spray a little dry shampoo on the roots after combing back to help increase instant volume and maintain the appearance.

That's because dry shampoo contains powder and starch, which can keep your hair separate, so it can really make your hair look thicker. Happily, it will not be as sticky as hairspray.


Although straight hair wig styles look elegant and charming, they are usually more fashionable than fluffy. For human hair wigs, use curling wands or other tools to style the hair into sweet waves or curls, which will instantly add volume to your thin wig.

However, not all wigs are heat-resistant, so some wigs may cause some damage. This also means that you must check whether your synthetic wig is heat resistant.

Or, you can buy a high-quality human hair wig, because it is made of 100% original human hair, so you can straighten, dye, perm, bleach, highlight or style your own hair according to your needs.


Of course, you can check out 10 simple ways to get curls without heating to learn how to get curls without heating.

Change shampoo and conditioner

You may have this question: Is the volumizing shampoo really effective? The answer is yes. The volumizing shampoo does help to give the body and fullness; in addition, when it is paired with the matching conditioner, you can achieve new levels of fullness and moisture while cleaning your hair.


Similarly, many volumizing shampoos may not have ingredients directly related to increasing volume; some just clean the hair without adding weight. Therefore, you should avoid some products with heavier nutrients, such as butter and oil. There are many great products on the market, and we believe you will find a product that suits your hair.

Change hair color

You can try to use high light and low light to increase the three-dimensional effect of the hair, so as to obtain a fuller look.

Another way to make hair look bulky is to bleach the hair, which can also cause the hair strands to swell and make the hair look thicker. However, if the hair has been damaged, please do not bleach it.

Blow-dry hair with product

Are you ready to pretend to have thick hair? It's time to fill your dressing table with mousse and upgrade your blow-drying technique. After all, a good blow-drying strategy can greatly help increase the volume of your hair; on the other hand, the wrong technique can exacerbate your problems.

To start blowing hair at home, apply the mousse evenly to damp hair. After applying the mousse, pick up the round brush and hairdryer and start working. First, turn the hair upside down and blow-dry until most of the moisture disappears. Then turn your hair over and use a round brush to dry the rest of the hair in sections. For those with wavy or curly hair, it is best to use a diffuser to increase the volume of the hair.

Air dry your hair

Most people think that drying their hair with this product is the only way to get thick and flowing hair. However, even without the use of heating tools, air-drying hair can help enhance the natural texture of the hair and increase its natural, elastic volume. After taking a shower, please apply some volumizing mousse on your hair or spray some hair gel evenly on damp hair and let it dry naturally.

Get some hair extensions

Do you want to make your thin wig look fuller? Sending and receiving may be a good choice for you. Whether you choose a clip-in extension, tape extension, or bead extension, they all help add volume and fullness to your thin wig.

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