Tips on how to wear a wig more comfortably

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Tips on how to wear a wig more comfortably

Different situations in life can cause a person to wear a wig. Some people may wear wigs purely for fashion because they like to wear different hairstyles regularly. Others may lose hair due to age or cancer treatment. If you have already started to lose your hair or are ready to make changes that don't require cutting, please find some tips to make your wig-wearing experience comfortable.

Shaved head

If you are losing your hair due to cancer treatment and it has been about a month since your first chemotherapy, shaving your head will make your wig feel more comfortable. After you choose some wigs that you like and feel confident wearing, use an electric shaver or a pair of hair clippers to shave your hair. Shaving your head may make you feel more comfortable, instead of staying in your hair and experiencing bunches of hair loss at different times of day and night. Shaving can also reduce the itching caused by this rapid hair loss process. It is expected that your hair will begin to grow again approximately six months after the chemotherapy is over. Don't be surprised if it grows in a different color, style, or completely unevenly. For this reason, you may want to plan to wear a wig longer than the duration of chemotherapy. Buy a few more wigs so that you can change your hairstyle without getting tired of your wigs.

Wear a net hat

The mesh hat is a light and comfortable head covering that anyone can wear under the wig. Whether you are losing your hair or not, you may find that mesh hats are more comfortable than hairpins and hairpins and keep your hair under the wig.

Choose synthetic hair

The wig is made of synthetic hair and real hair. Wigs made from real human hair are more expensive and more difficult to maintain than wigs made from synthetic hair. You may find it more comfortable to wear a synthetic wig because you will not feel as if you have to avoid wind, rain, and anything that might tangle or messy your hair. Since the cost of synthetic wigs is lower than that of wigs made from natural hair, you may be able to afford multiple synthetic wigs, which will provide you with more options and increase the comfort of wearing wigs instead of spending all your budget on one You may end up dissatisfied with natural wigs.

Choose the right color

If you are younger than middle-aged, you can consider a darker color wig; if you are older or have pale skin, please consider using a lighter than natural hair color, because as you age, light colors tend to make people look It looks more flattering. You can also think of wigs as a comfortable way to explore the appearance of hair that is completely different from the natural hair color.

wear a wig

If you wear glasses while wearing a wig, remove the glasses. Shake the wig vigorously so that the hair is no longer clumped. Put a padded headband around the forehead and back of the head to protect your skin from the edges of the wig, which can sometimes be itchy. If your hair is falling out due to chemotherapy, please wear a net cap. Finally, put the wig liner on the headband and the rest of the scalp, and then finally use the wig itself. Adjust the wig strap so that it fits snugly on your forehead, just above where your ears meet your head. Tuck the wig's hair into your ears and start styling like your own hair. Grab a small part of your hair and style it with only gel, mousse, or hairspray to create a natural look.

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