Does anyone use onion juice to re-grow their hair?

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Does anyone use onion juice to re-grow their hair?

Onion juice is a possible treatment. Researchers found that hair began to grow after 2 weeks of using onion juice, and onion juice was applied to the scalp twice a day. Nearly 74% of participants had some hair growth after 4 weeks, and after 6 weeks, approximately 87% of participants experienced hair growth.

I used onion juice for the past 2 weeks and new hair started to grow. Extract the onion juice and gently apply it to your bald scalp. If you feel comfortable with the smell, leave it for more than 2 hours or overnight. Onion is the best medicine for hair loss.

The usage of onion juice:

To extract the juice, simply peel the onion and mix it into a smooth paste, or grind it and strain it through a sieve. Mix the henna according to the instructions on the package and mix it with the onion juice.

Massage the mixture onto the scalp, leave it on for an hour or two, and then wash your hair as usual. Apply it once a week, and it will produce results in about three to four months.

But there is one thing to note: this method is not suitable for everyone. If you are keen to try, but if you do not see improvement after a few weeks, it is best to give up and look for other solutions.

Can onion juice turn white hair into black?

Onions are another great home remedy against gray hair. It can help increase catalase, which is an enzyme that naturally helps darken hair. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of onion juice, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Massage the scalp and wash it after 20-30 minutes.

A message sent to us by a friend who has used onion juice:

Hello friends, I want to share my experience with onion juice here.

I am 39 years old. I started to experience hair loss and dull hair 3 to 4 years ago, so I started applying coconut oil every day, but it didn't help me much. Later, my hair turned white, and then lost it.

I am very worried. At that time I couldn't afford to transplant hair, so I did research on the Internet and found onion juice.

I applied it on the scalp for 2 days and kept it overnight, but it was very uncomfortable to sleep, so I started to apply it on the scalp in the morning and kept it for half an hour, and then I washed it with water, no shampoo or soap. I have used it. I haven't massaged my hair because it might break, so I will pour 3 to 4 glasses of Luke Worm Water on my head.

I did this activity very regularly for about 6 to 8 months. It works very well. The immediate effect was that it cured my chronic dandruff problem within two days, and my hair turned normally while combing. I am addicted to fruit juice. I use castor oil for my hair every weekend and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

It has been about 4 months now, and I have stopped using onion hair, but the effect is still there, my hair has turned dark black, and people are surprised to ask me if I use dye because my hair looks very dark. Secondly, I am not losing my hair at all, but some hair has grown back.

Onion juice will benefit me more, but because my eating habits are very unstable, I always eat only one meal, no breakfast, only rice, no proper food, I always drink ice water with food, but I still benefit from onion juice.

It's very simple. Just take an onion and grind it without peeling it, then place the grated onion in a thin cloth and squeeze it, then apply the juice on the hair and massage it slightly to keep at least half of the hair washed away. Shampoo or soap dry and wipe my hair with a towel. I have never used a hairdryer or hair dye.

Below is a photo after using onion juice for three months (35 days after shaved head)

The following is a photo after four months of use (this photo is also a photo of 35 days after I shaved my head)

All photos are of the same part of the scalp, the top of it.

To all those who believe it is fake, I have not promoted anything, nor have you asked you to use it. I just share my experience because I think I got results.

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