How to organize your wig: the ultimate hair repair guide

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How to organize your wig: the ultimate hair repair guide

No matter how high-quality and expensive the wig is, when you need to make a decision, X hours will appear sooner or later-restore artificial hair or go to the store to buy new accessories. We have prepared this article for those who do not want to find simple ways and are ready to fight for the beauty and long-term service of wigs.

So how to arrange wigs at home? We asked the experts at the Donmily store about this. They often face the problem of "recovering" artificial curls after curls, irons, and improper care. So bookmark this article so you don’t get lost and have a clear plan of action at hand.

How to organize a wig

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The seller of the Donmily store tells how to repair wigs with artificial hair:

1. Start your synthetic hair repair from shampooing. If possible, comb the strands, but if they are too tangled, it is best to postpone the process.

2. Wash with boiling warm water. Dilute a bottle of shampoo in it, preferably for weakened or dyed hair.

3. Soak the wig for half an hour, and then rinse it off gently. Don't yank, rub, or squeeze.

4. To make the ends easier to handle and soft, please use a natural oil to lubricate them.

5. Now soak the wig in a solution of water and fabric softener. Let it sit for at least two hours, then take it out, drain and place on a cotton cloth to dry. Don't rinse!

6. Start combing the hair after it dries. If the strands are very tangled and look like a towel, the process will be difficult and time-consuming. Use scissors to cut the knot, and finally to the bangs.

7. After combing the hair, put the wig on the pig, trim the hair ends, and style the hair.

Hair made of thermal fibers can be curled with a curling iron or straightened with an iron. Kanekalon models only need to dry and shake them-after washing, they will return to their original shape.

It is difficult to ruin a natural hair wig. You need to work hard to harm a quality product because human hair can be dyed, dried with a hairdryer, curled with a curling iron, and straightened with an iron. In other words, do anything to your hair.

However, many people still manage to bring expensive natural wigs to a sad state. Therefore, the problem often arises-how to preserve the wig and restore its original luster, volume, and softness.

How to restore the previous luster

1. Apply the conditioner to clean, damp hair. Distribute the product well throughout the hair, from root to end.

2. Put the wig in a plastic bag and heat it in the microwave for half a minute. This is done to make the wet hair a little warmer.

3. Take out the wig bag and wrap it in a towel for several hours to allow the conditioner to absorb and make the hair more moisturized and shiny.

4. Then just comb the curls, starting from the end.

How to restore softness

Natural cosmetic oils-coconut oil, argan oil, grape seed oil will help here. You can even use extra virgin olives.

1. Put some oil on the hair + add conditioner, mask, or hair spray.

2. Put on the wig for half an hour. At this time, he had better be in the bag, so that the hair can be well saturated with oil.

3. After that, wash the wig in the usual way.

What if the end of the wig starts to curl?

In this case, radical measures need to be taken. You can't live without the razor here. You will have to cut off the unsightly ends, which will make the wig look neater and more beautiful in shape. You can do it yourself or at the hairdresser.

In order to prevent the ends of natural hair from splitting and fluffing, they are often moisturized with special products and oils.

This is an effective way to make artificial fake light smooth, soft, and attractive:

1. Dilute Lenore (or any other fabric softener) with a little warm water. The wig is soaked in this composition for two hours.

2. Then let the curls dry. You don't need to rinse the conditioner! Just spread the hair evenly on the towel and let it dry.

3. Now you can comb-divide the hair into small parts and start from the end.

After that, the hair of the wig will become easier to comb, obtain a beautiful appearance, and get rid of "fluffy" and dryness.

How to prevent wigs from tangling

Use antistatic agents on clothing. This is ideal for synthetic wigs, but it should be used for combed and styled hair.

The spray heat protection of the styling is very helpful. It reduces the charging of the fiber and prevents tangling.

When wearing a wig, try not to wear bulky scarves or large high-necked items.

If you need to straighten and style your hair now, apply a little cream on your palm and then apply it to the curls to make them manageable and soft.

You can also use anti-static wipes. They are suitable for natural hair, but also for artificial wigs.

How to upgrade a wig

Natural wigs can tolerate any experimentation. To update a model made of human hair, simply recolor or color it. Of course, cut off the fork. You can also make a brand new style:

Use curling irons or hot rollers to curl;

Straighten with an iron;

Use pliers to create light waves.

Do you now know how to organize synthetic wigs and natural hair models? Follow our tips and your wig will look great for a long time.

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