How to choose the right Color wig

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How to choose the right Color wig?

Do you want to change your hair color every day according to your dress and mood without hurting your hair? In this case, colored wigs are an excellent choice for changing hair color without damaging the hair.

Considering that they come in many colors, choosing the right color wig can be a big challenge. The following tips can help you choose the correct color wig.

1. Choose the color that suits your skin tone

 If you are not familiar with wigs, it is recommended to choose a wig color that is closer to your natural hair. It’s also important for you to find the color that suits your skin tone. "Because the hair color is close to your skin tone or slightly higher than your skin tone will brighten your lighter skin tone and make you younger and more energetic. Except for that Choosing the right color can complement your facial features and make you look great.

2. Choose the right length

 When choosing your color wig, choose the correct length. There are various lengths of color wigs: short, medium, and long. Choose the wig length that suits your lifestyle. Short wigs or mid-length wigs are very suitable for active people. If you are in the entertainment industry, you might choose those long and fluffy colorful wigs that are perfect for the red carpet.

Long wig

Freya H10-Highlight body wavy blond lace wig black women

We must not ignore the beauty of long hair. You can imagine your long hair fluttering in the breeze, shining like golden waves. Everyone will be attracted by its charm.

Mid-length wig

Freya w2-black women highlight lace front curly human hair wigs

There are many medium and long wigs for you to choose from. Whether it is a straight hair wig, a body wavy wig or a curly hair wig, we believe you will find the right mid-length wig!

Short wig

Highlight 13x4 Lace Front  Straight Bob Wig

It is undeniable that short wigs are more suitable for hot summers. After all, the longer the wig, the more heat you absorb. More importantly, short bob wigs can prevent hair from moving away from the face and back. You will naturally feel cool and comfortable when you go out. And short wigs are easy to take care of and the price is relatively affordable. Of course, it all depends on you.

How to maintain color wigs

Taking care of your colorful human hair wig is almost the same as taking care of any human hair wig. If you take care of your colorful wig improperly, it will be easily damaged.

The following tips can help you maintain your colorful wigs.

1. Regular cleaning

 One of the easiest ways to make your hair look healthy and beautiful is to wash it regularly. The best way to wash your hair is to wet your hair under water first. You can do it in the shower or under the bathtub tap. This is just to prevent it from getting tangled.

When washing your human hair wig, apply shampoo from the top to the tip of the wig. When you are done, you can rinse your hair with clean cold tap water. Do not use hot water to rinse your hair because it will damage your hair strands. After rinsing the wig, gently squeeze out the excess water. Then make sure that the wig is properly dried to avoid any unpleasant smell.

2. Brush your wig regularly

If you want to prevent the wig from tangling, you need to comb it as often as possible. It's not about brushing your teeth often alone; the correct brush should also be used when combing your hair. The wide tooth comb is the perfect comb to help you straighten out your hair. In addition, a wide-tooth comb can reduce shedding and handle larger knots.

Compared with wigs full of tangles, wigs without tangles usually look more beautiful and healthier. So if you want your human hair wigs to look more beautiful, make sure to comb them regularly.

3. Use heat protection spray carefully

If you are considering using a flat iron to style your hair, you should use a heat protectant on your hair. It is always recommended to use the lowest heat setting, as excessive heat can damage the hair.

4. Wear fewer wigs

The more frequently you wear a wig, it loses its vitality. This is why you always have as many wigs as possible so that you can use them interchangeably. If you want to keep your wig's vigor, you need to wear it less often. Excessive exposure to the sun, hairstyle manipulation and harsh hair care products really reduce the life of your wig's trumpet.

5. Store colored wigs correctly

 If you want to increase your wig's life or maintain its appearance, you need to store it properly. You can't just throw the wig anywhere, but still expect it to look healthier, prettier, or longer-lasting. This' why you need to store it properly. When storing the wig, you need to hang it on the wig holder or mannequin head when not in use.

 The best color wig recommendation

 Are you a little confused? So here, we sincerely recommend several high-quality color wigs to you. Made of 100% human hair, soft and elastic, suitable for any occasion. So let's take a look.

FB30 Brown Body Wave Highlight Human Hair Wigs

Highlight middle part straight hair wig

13x4 Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front Wigs

Try different colors of wigs to make you look new!

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