How to repair dry human hair wigs?

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How to repair dry human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs can withstand the effects of heating rods and irons better than most synthetic wigs. However, human hair wigs can dry out and become brittle after a period of time, which is why if you plan to wear them regularly, you need to know how to fix them and make them look soft and natural again. This is a simple wig care procedure, you can follow it to restore your real hair wig.

1. Use a comb to remove the tangled part of the wig, so that it is easier to apply the product on it.

2. Just as natural hair oils can make your hair shiny and smooth, they can also be used well in wig components. Argan oil is an excellent choice for repairing human hair wigs. Just place the argan hair on your hand and apply it along the entire length of the wig. You can then use a comb to make sure that each hair is evenly oiled.

3. After oiling the device, wash it with moisturizing shampoo. Moisturizing shampoo is very important because it prevents further drying of the hair and makes it brighter and softer. When shampooing, use your fingers to actually pass through the hair strands so that the shampoo reaches every part of the hair and cleans evenly.

4. After washing with shampoo, apply conditioner along the entire length of the wig and apply a little more on the tip, because they are the first part to dry out. After putting the conditioner in for a few minutes, wash it off.

5. Distribute the wet leaves on the mannequin to dry. After stopping the dripping, spray a good heat protection spray on the hair, and then use a low-power hair dryer to completely dry the wig.

Because wigs are different from our natural hair, we cannot get nourishment from the body, so it will be very dry after a long time. this is very simple. You can wash the wig with warm water first, take care of it with a conditioner, and let it dry naturally. After applying essential oils and other hair care products, it's fine. Doing this regularly will extend the life of the wig.

Why do human hair wigs dry out?

Lack of nutrition:Real human hair growth is because the human nutrient supply system is working. Once the hair leaves the human scalp and the supply of natural oils is cut off, the hair will gradually dry out.

Overwashing: Human hair wigs need regular cleaning just like our hair, but too much watering can damage the hair and make it dry and brittle.

Sunlight: Now most people are outdoor enthusiasts. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can easily cause your human hair wig to sunburn and lose water.

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