How to care for lace wigs?

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How to care for lace wigs?

Many people still don’t know how to take care of lace wigs. I have compiled 10 pieces for everyone.

1. Keep the lace wig clean. It is recommended that you wash lace wigs with warm or cold water at least once or twice a week. Please wash your lace wig immediately after swimming, hot spring, exercise and other activities. When the lace wig is covered with mud and sweat, it will look messy. Most hair conditioners and other hair care products will cause the accumulation of dust on lace wigs and cause lace wigs to become messy faster. If the lace wig feels dry or heavier, please wash it off with a good shampoo and conditioner

2. Before washing the lace wig, please spray and comb the lace wig with a mixture of water and conditioner from top to bottom. You must gradually moisten the lace wig and gently comb the lace wig after washing it. If the lace wig is very dry, adding too much water at a time will cause the lace wig to swell like a sponge or become messy. Therefore, it is important to gradually wet lace wigs and comb lace wigs.

3. After wetting the lace wig, add some shampoo and conditioner and comb thoroughly. Make sure to wash the lace wig and comb the lace wig in the same direction. Wash the lace wig completely and dry it with a towel. It is best to dry the lace wig in a cool and ventilated place, but you can also dry it at a low temperature.

4. Make sure you comb your lace wig and condition your lace wig every day, so that the lace wig can be soft and moisturized. A good lace wig care can keep the lace wig moist, but remember not to put too much, otherwise it will accumulate on the lace wig and make the lace wig heavier. If you use too much lace wig care products, it feels that the lace wig is too dry Or heavy, then please follow steps 2 and 3 to clean again.

5. Please wear a hat when swimming to prevent too many lace wigs from contacting chlorine or salt water to mess up the lace wigs. After swimming, please wash the lace wig with shampoo and conditioner immediately. When going to the hot spring, please comb your lace wig and wrap it in a cold wet towel.

6. Tie two braids when sleeping, swimming or exercising (please untie the lace wig before braiding). Do not go to bed when the lace wig is still wet, please make sure that the lace wig is dry before going to bed.

 7. You can dilute the conditioner (10%) by adding water (90%) at home to make a conditioner for cleaning wigs. Apply the mixture to your lace wig and gently rub the lace wig until it reaches the scalp near the top. Although it is important that a conditioner is suitable to keep the lace wig moisturized, it is important to keep the lace wig clean by washing the lace wig twice a week so that it does not have any deposits.

8. It is best not to color, color, perm or do any additional chemical process, because it has already been processed. Please be careful with blond and other light-colored lace wigs, they are more chemically treated than black lace wigs. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the results.

9. Please check your wig before use. Be sure to make sure that the texture, color, length, and quality of the lace wig are what you want. If it is not the original style, we will not be responsible for the lace wig. For wet or wavy lace wigs such as French refined and European waves, you can test the curl by wetting a small part. Put the lace wig on the desk, separate a small part, spray some water, and let it soak for about 15 seconds. Fix the lace wig on the table and gently comb the wet part from the bottom to observe its waves. Dry with a towel, it will bend the waves more

10. Some lace wigs are easier to form weft than others (for example, soft lace wigs). In this case, you can add some glue or strengthen the weft, and then bring it on.

The above is the care experience of 10 lace wigs for everyone.

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How to care for lace wigs?