Why do wigs need regular care?

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Why do wigs need regular care?

Pollution prevention, multiple damage factors

Alkaline syrup left over from dyeing and ironing, ultraviolet rays, urban dust, car exhaust, etc. will cause damage to our wigs and hair. In addition, most shampoos are alkaline, and alkaline substances will remain while washing away the grease. Cause damage to the hair quality of the wig.

Rough bifurcation loses elegance

All girls must hope that the first impression they give is a delicate girl. Wig bifurcation, frizz, knotting, etc. not only make the wig hairstyle lose its beauty, but also directly affect the image and temperament. So wig care is very important.

Hard and easy to break, difficult to take care of

Alkaline substances will keep the hair scales of the wig in an open state for a long time, causing the loss of nutrients. Regular care allows the wig to return to normal acidity and alkalinity, and forms a net-like protective film to make the wig hair style longer lasting, with elasticity and gloss, easier to comb and style, and no need to worry about the wig out of control when you wake up.

How to wigs care?

First of all, it is necessary to wash and care daily. Using conditioner every time you wash your wig is the most basic care. You can buy professional care products in the salon for perm and dye hair. If the wig has been damaged and requires deep care, please consult a professional hair stylist, and choose the appropriate care level and interval according to the damage and frizz of the wig. Under normal circumstances, regular


once a week is more appropriate, and better care can be separated by two weeks.

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