What kind of wig hairstyle is suitable for a pear-shaped face?

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What kind of wig hairstyle is suitable for a pear-shaped face?

If you don’t have a small face that everyone envy, then you should change your face shape visually. The easiest and most effective way is to choose a wig hairstyle that suits you and cover up the unsatisfactory areas as much as possible. , What kind of wig hairstyle is suitable for pear-shaped face? Is pear-shaped face suitable for pear-shaped face? Let's take a look at some sweet and fashionable pear flower heads suitable for inverted triangle faces, and see what kind of wig hairstyle is best for you!

Red-brown temperament pear flower head

Soft and beautiful romantic reddish-brown long straight hair, one side is pinned behind the ears and the other side is scattered along the face line. It is perfect to complement the face. The design of the hair ends is dynamic and fashionable. The middle hair design is this hairstyle. The highlights add an elegant and charming temperament.

Sweet pear flower head with inner buckle

The elegant and fashionable brown-yellow short hair style with ears is trimmed to provide rich layers at the end of the hair. The perfect inner buckle design at the end of the hair tightly wraps the small face, and the neat bangs with nice arcs highlight the watery and charming eyes. , The entire hair design visually changed the inverted triangle face.

Linen multi-layer inner buckle pear flower head

The soft and elegant linen shoulder-length hair is dangled casually, and the eye and face lines are drooping. The multi-layered inner buckle design plays a good role in repairing the face. The neat and thin bangs set off healthy and ruddy. No matter how you look at the complexion of her with a sweet smile, she has a different charm.

Natural Long Curly Hairstyle

The most glamorous actress Han Xue is stylish and elegant. This natural-colored long curly hair is laid loosely on both sides of the shoulder. Elegant curls and messy hair ends are unique and novel, with three-to-seven points and slanted bangs. Perfect repair to complement the face shape.

Mid-point sweet pear flower head with inner buckle

The mid-part, natural color, short hair, pear flower head is soft and elegant, and the design of the inner buckle of the hair that falls along the line of the face sets off a delicate face, and the full and heavy hair ends are slightly smooth and sweet. The stylish temperament highlights a pair of bright and moist eyes, fresh and refined.

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