What bangs wig is suitable for oval face?

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What bangs wig is suitable for oval face?

The goose egg face is suitable for 19-point bangs wigs, 46-point bangs wigs, 28-point bangs wigs, middle-point bangs wigs, air bangs wigs, etc. This face shape can even choose no bangs, two-dimensional bangs, partial long bangs, etc. Wait, so people with oval face are very rich in choosing Liu Hai. In the final decision, you need to consider many factors such as hair color, hairstyle, eye shape, forehead, hairline and so on.

What bangs wig is suitable for oval face

1. Two-eight-point bangs wig

It is the simplest and most popular of the oblique bangs wig. With maroon hair color and long hair with shawl, the hairstyle will look very sweet and lovely, and this hairstyle will look very natural, like a leading girl It feels very strong.

2. Mid-point bangs wig

It is also called the eight-character bangs wig. Simply make a centered bangs to maximize the advantages of the oval face. This bangs are more suitable for people with high cheekbones, high hairline or large foreheads. Split bangs are also a good choice.

3. Air bangs wig

The fringe wig for the goose egg face has been particularly flexible and changeable since ancient times. The air fringe has been the most commonly used for the goose egg face since its popularity. It is comfortable and sweet, light and thin, can reduce the age of literature and art, and can naturally exude a sexy and charming femininity.

4. Two-dimensional bangs wig

This bangs is also called the bangs on the eyebrow wig, which is a bit like Qi bangs, but the length of the bangs is relatively short, and needs to be above the eyebrows. It is a kind of bangs that is easier to highlight the value of the oval face. It is recommended for people with exquisite facial features. Bangs.

5. One-nine-point bangs wig

It is basically equivalent to pulling the hair to one side, but it will keep a little hair on the other side. The 19-point bangs made in this way will be very fresh. If you match it with a hat and earrings, you can look good. The effect of instantaneous increase in value.

6. Wigs without bangs

The crowd of the oval face can be shaped without bangs. It can make the temperament look special and capable, but it will not appear too naive, light and calm. At the same time, this shape will have a special personality and exquisiteness, but it may not be every oval face. Can hold live.

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