What color wig is suitable for dark yellow complexion?

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What color wig is suitable for dark yellow complexion?

Dark yellow complexion is suitable for brown wigs, linen wigs, low-key gray wigs, etc., such as linen brown, sandalwood brown, adzuki brown, etc. in brown are good, not only the hair color is close to the natural color, but also white . Flax-colored wigs are the most suitable for people with dark yellow skin. It only needs a simple lipstick to make the skin brighter. It is one of the least picky colors for skin tone. In the gray series, cool brown and dark brown are more suitable, light and natural, without a dull feeling, it is a very scheming wig hair color now.

What color wig is suitable for dark yellow complexion?

1. Flax brown

Brown has very low requirements for skin color. Basically, people of any skin color can use this color without going wrong, but in order to avoid being too monotonous, some flax colors are incorporated in it, so that flax brown can be white or more Own unique personality.

2. Adzuki bean brown

This is the color that is more colorful and individual now. It is gentle and low-key, and can fully whiten it. After brightening the skin color for several degrees, it is easy to match clothes and makeup, and this hair color is easier to take care of , There are more hairstyles to choose from.

3. Linen

One of the most common and most popular colors for wigs. Although it may not be so personal and popular, you can't deny that it is really beautiful. You only need to apply a lipstick and it can make the skin tone look white, especially People who are dark yellow don't have to worry that this hair color can't be controlled.

4. Cold tea

This is a wig color that is very suitable for Asian skin. It is a combination of cyan and brown. It is not very shiny or old-fashioned. It is close to black. It is a bit low-key but very white, so it has the same comfort as a natural color. , There are also different whitening effects with natural colors.

5. Black tea

When the light is poor, it is a natural hair color wig. When the light is good, it is a cold brown color, which will give people a very light and natural feeling. It will not be dull and very beautiful. The dark yellow color is not only good-looking. , And very scheming, because there are many changes.

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What color wig is suitable for dark yellow complexion?

What color wig is suitable for dark yellow complexion?


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