Do I have to use hair wax after Texture perm?

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Do I have to use hair wax after Texture perm?

After texture perm, you don’t have to use hair wax to take care of it. It needs to look at the scene, personal habits, etc. For example, if you stay at home and don’t plan to go out, then obviously you don’t need to use hair wax, but you can use styling products when going out for a date or shopping. reason. In addition, you can use many things for texture perm. In addition to hair wax, you can also use hair mud or hair gel. It can be used to style the hair. This depends on personal hair quality and habits, so there are many ways to deal with texture perm. Be sure to wax.

Is texture perm treated with mud or wax?

It will be all right. Because whether it is hair mud or hair wax, they all have a styling effect. It depends on your hair type, hairstyle, and preferences. If your hair is dry, use hair wax or oily hair mud. Then use mud for short hair and layered hairstyles, and wax for long or curly hair, and then it depends on personal preference.

How long does a texture perm last?

A perm typically lasts three to six months, depending on your hair type and how well you take care of it.

How to treat texture perm with wax

1. You can choose to wash your hair once before taking care of it. If you don't plan to wash it, you can spray a little water on the hair to make the hair slightly moist. It is easier to proxy here, because it is better shaped, and the dry texture is hot. Not very easy to take care of.

2. After wetting your hair, you can use a hair dryer to make your hair fluffy. If you have short hair, you can ignore this step. After the hair has a fluffy effect, start to use the wax to style it. Take an appropriate amount of wax and place it in the palm of your hand. Rub both hands gently to spread the wax evenly on your fingers.

3. Then grab the hair you like with both hands, you need to grab it within 1-2 minutes, because if the time is too long, the wax will dry. After grabbing it, wait for it to dry, and then spray a little spray to shape it again. Then the texture will be very beautiful.

Summary: Texture perm can be used depending on the scene and hair quality, hair style, etc. using care products. It is naturally unnecessary to care if you do not go out at home. When you go out, you can choose hair mud, hair gel and other styling products other than hair wax. If it is dry and long or curly hair, it is more appropriate to use wax.

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