What is Brazilian hair?

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What is Brazilian hair?

"Brazilian hair" is characterized by a soft feel, medium luster and thickness with a natural durability that holds well under various temperatures and conditions. It is also a deep natural black color that approximates what is known as color (1B).

Hair in Brazil has always been among the most popular hairstyle types for professionals and consumers worldwide. reason? Well, we can say that in addition to its excellent structure, it is usually very light and very silky. In addition, the texture of Brazilian hair is definitely one of the best because it is hardly tangled, especially when compared to Indian hair, and still has its own luster.

Quality of Brazilian hair:

First of all, we can say that Brazilian hair is very similar to Malaysian hair, the quality is very good, the hair is thicker, and there is almost no chance of embarrassment. Another advantage is that the combination of Brazilian hair is very rich, the model and texture vary greatly, straight, curly, wavy, curly and so on. Some things you can't see there. There are a total of eight classifications (types), which makes Brazil the country with the largest number of capillary variations.

For example, if we compare the pre-lace or full-lace prosthesis with Brazilian hair and the prosthesis with Indian hair, you will definitely notice that Brazilian hair is stronger, thicker and easier to style, and, of course, less embarrassing. In addition, our hair, even after a certain process-the famous processed hair-still has excellent quality. Not to mention the benefits of hair from the southern and southeastern regions of Brazil, which are considered "noble", with the quality and category of AA+ hair. The price may even be higher, but the price/performance ratio is beyond doubt.

Brazilian hair characteristics:

 1 (Straight hair): Usually the most coveted hair type by the Brazilian public, but only 18% of the population has this type of hair.

2 (Slightly wavy hair): Wavy hair is probably the strangest hair type because its shape and movement are completely natural. In addition, it is usually a type of hair that has been cut many times and tends to look good, especially the boldest cuts. It can be said that this hair covers 26% of Brazilian women.

3 (Wave hair): Surprisingly, it is the hair type that best represents our women, 29% of them are born with it.

4 (Slightly curly hair): This is hair that has been classified as non-curly hair and curly hair. However, only 8% of Brazilian women are born with it. It is also a good hair type, suitable for heavy cuts in light layers.

5 and 6 (curly hair): Covering 17% of the population, it is already considered African-style hair, but with a finer texture.

Types 7 and 8 (African hair): African hair is the rarest hair type among Brazilian women. Only 2% of the female population owns it.

How Much Does Brazilian Hair Cost?

One of the most asked questions we receive is, "How much does Brazilian hair cost?" Prices typically range from $25-$45 per bundle on the low end, with the highest quality Brazilian hair bundles costing up to $200 per bundle depending on the supplier . ... This hair may vary in quality and may be processed in some cases.

However, you need to pay more attention when buying Brazilian hair, because many online companies that claim to sell hair from Brazil often import hair from India and then sell it like from here because it is cheaper. It is also worth mentioning that about 90% of the hair sold in the applique and wig industry is Indian, while the other 10% in circulation comes from Malaysia, Brazil and other European countries. 

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the store you choose to buy is really trustworthy, because you can choose Brazilian hair, but you may receive hair from India.

Brazilian hair buying recommendation:

Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair


Hair Type: Body Wave Hair

Color: Natural Black

Length: 8-26 inches

Package: 3 bundles

Hair Weight: 95g-100g/bundle

Hair Material: Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

Hair Grade: 9A

Discount Price: A$94.91

Brazilian Jerry Curly 3 Bundles Human Hair with 4x4 Lace Closure

Discount Price: A$94.91 


Hair Type: Curly Hair

Color: Natural Black

Length: 8-26 Inches

Hair Weight: 95g-100g/bundle+30g-35g/closure

Hair Material: Virgin Human Hair

Grade: 9A

Package: 3 Bundles & 1pc Closure

Brazilian Ombre Straight Hair 4 Bundles

Discount Price: A$231.81


Hair Type: Straight Hair

Color:Ombre 1b/4/27

Length:16-26 inches

Package:4 bundles


Hair Material:Brazilian Virgin Human Hair


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