How to wear a bangs wig?

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How to wear a bangs wig?

How to bring wigs with bangs? Speaking of bangs, those who love beauty must love and hate them. If they are cut well, they can add a lot of points to their own image. At this time, many girls think of wig bangs, so how to bring wig bangs? How to bring them to look natural? Let's take a look at the correct way to wear wig bangs!

1.Arc-shaped flat bangs wig

Step 1: First comb the two sides flat.

Step two: buckle the fake bangs.

Step 3: Use a comb to blend the fake bangs with the real hair.

Step 4: Just look in the mirror and adjust.

2. Flat bangs wig

Step 1: Flatten the bangs on both sides and fix it with a small black clip.

Step 2: Fix the wig on the top and the center point.

Step 3: After fixing, comb your hair and wig smoothly.

3. Small face bangs wig

Step 1. Use an electric curling rod to perm the hair below the middle section into a slightly curled wavy line.

Step 2: Divide the hair on the top of the head into 2 bundles. After twisting, fix it with a black clip. The length of the twist is about the same as the length of the bangs hair piece, which helps to fix the hair piece.

Step three, buckle the hair clip behind the bangs hair piece to the twisted hair bundle, and then use the small black clip to strengthen the fixation.

The above are a few ways to wear fake bangs. They are actually very simple. You can wear them without the help of others at all.

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