How to place the wig normally?

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How to place the wig normally?

It is recommended that when you receive the wig, it is best not to throw the velvet net on the outside of the wig, so that you can better protect the wig when you don’t wear the wig. I usually tidy up the wig that I don’t wear and put it in the velvet net, and finally put it in the original packaging. When wearing it, it’s OK to take it out and shake it a few times.


Sunlight and heat will dull the color of your wig, and break down the hair fibers so much so that the strands will fall out. So store the wig in a cool, dry area to make it last longer. One of the best places to store a wig is in the closet. The dark, cool air will keep the wig from molding or fading.

Clean it before you store it

Putting away a wig before cleaning it is like putting dirty dishes back in the cabinet: your dishes will get even dirtier in the cabinet than they were when you placed them there.

To maintain your wig’s quality for the longest possible period of time, clean your wig before putting it away.

Note: NEVER put your wig away damp. If the wig hair or cap is wet when you put your wig away, it will attract dust, mold, and other not-so-nice chemicals.


How To Put on A Wig?

How to clean the wig headgear ?

How can I make the wig look more natural?

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